Complaints From Concert Fans, Music Critic

Jim Abbott

At the arena, I write the review as a Word document on a laptop during the show, then copy it into the prepared file to be posted on the Soundboard blog. I haven’t figured out a way to write about a show without being there, but I’m sure someone at our company is working on it. Hey, I appreciate the passion of concert fans, even when they don’t agree with me. I’ll be out again on Friday to review alternative R&B act The Weeknd at Hard Rock Live. Strange as it sounds, a positive concert review doesn’t absolve the critic from hearing it from disappointed fans. I offered praise of country legend Loretta Lynn for performing with three broken ribs recently at the Peabody in Daytona Beach. Yeah, she had a few shaky moments and I would have enjoyed watching her for more than 65 minutes, but I still enjoyed it. Not everyone. “Love your stuff most of the time, but I’m wondering if you were at the same show I saw,” emailed Elisa Meyer Steinhaus. “It was awful. I love Loretta, always have, but I felt cheated. It was a cross between cheap karaoke and ‘Hee Haw.’ Were you there or was it an intern? Sigh. Love you anyway.” Right back ‘atcha, but as long as we’re talking complaints, I have a few myself: Let’s start with that show at the Peabody and the cellphone cameras. As one of country’s pioneers was singing her classic hits, the auditorium aisles were clogged with a constant procession of fans headed toward the stage, cellphones in hand.

Unseen photos, tribute concert to honor Rolling Stones at Rock Hall of Fame

The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One

Tickets are $25 ($10 lunch voucher included) and are available through the Rock Hall website at or at the Rock Hall Box Office. Rock Hall Members can purchase tickets starting at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 30. General public can purchase tickets starting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 1. Admission to the Museum is free with the purchase of a conference ticket. Portions of this event will be streamed live on Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Annual Music Masters Tribute Concert at PlayhouseSquares State Theatre: Grammy Award-winning drummer Steve Jordan will lead the house band as musical director. Jordan has assembled a group of musicians, including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ian McLagan, Bernard Fowler, Bobby Keys, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Waddy Wachtel and Willie Weeks to perform. Joining the tribute concert lineup are Merry Clayton and Sarah Dash. Due to a scheduling conflict, Lisa Fischer and Ivan Neville are no longer performing.