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Pierluigi Lugano, an Abissi wine maker, checks a Primat, a bottle that contains 27 litres of sparkling wine that was brought to the surface by scuba divers on September 25, 2013 in Chiavari. Pierluigi Lugano is experimenting by storing his wine three to four years in the sea at a depth of 60 metres and some 3 kilometres offshore, where the water temperature remains constant under 6 bars of pressure with a slight deepwater current. 

Print this story The Great British Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are hooked on award-winning US drama Breaking Bad, it has been revealed. While the contestants are cooking up sweet treats in the kitchen, 78-year-old Mary, baker Paul and presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins fill in the time watching drug dealers cooking up crystal meth in the hit crime drama. Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher, who after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, takes up drug dealing in a bid to secure his family financially. Last Tango In Halifax actress Nicola Walker is a good friend of presenter Sue, and has revealed the comedienne took in her Breaking Bad DVDs to keep Berry and Hollywood entertained in between sugar rushes. Nicola revealed: “I know they, between takes, after they shout ‘Bake’, all of them, all four of them, go and watch Breaking Bad. I’m telling you that’s what they’re doing. Going off to watch season two. I love that image!” The latest episode of the BBC Two show saw contestant Howard Middleton bake a hemp loaf, using flour and oil made from cannabis seeds – which sparked some controversy on social media, despite being a legal form of the plant. Mary sniffed the flour and said of the loaf: “It looks like it’s going to be good for me.” But she and Paul were not impressed with the finished product and the council worker form Sheffield was sent home. Howard and fellow contestant Glenn Cosby both broke down in tears during the latest episode of the show – sparking a backlash on Twitter. Viewers weren’t impressed with seeing grown men crying over something as trivial as a failed bake.

Can China Create its Own Hollywood?

Looking at the sheer scope of Hollywood franchise-based action films actively casting Chinese stars (Iron Man, The Expendables, X-Men, Resident Evil, Transformers, etc.) and one gets a sense of how pervasive these changes truly are. At the same time, we are seeing an increasing number of truly collaborative ventures, such asMy Lucky Star, written by Amy Snow with Chinese co-writers, directed by Dennie Gordon and starring Ziyi Zhang and Leehom Wang, which at the time of this writing is currently #1 at the Chinese box office. Into this complex and dynamic relationship comes the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, which is certainly poised to further accelerate (and complicate) these changes and the very nature of Chinese cinema. I would expect that much of the studio space will most likely be used by Hollywood or other foreign film companies to produce non-Chinese themed content (i.e. the way portions ofKill Billwere shot on location in China but not set there), however, the sheer scale of the studio and capital behind it will inevitably also result in even more Hollywood-Chinese collaborations of capital and talent. Up until this point the dream of the Sino-American blockbuster featuring top stars from both Hollywood and China in a big budget co-production that breaks box-office records in China and the U.S. (and other global markets) has remained somewhat elusive. A good example is the aforementionedMy Lucky Star, which while performing strongly in China, will most likely be relegated to art-house circuit release in the U.S. and other non-Chinese markets. It will remain to be seen if the creation of Qingdao’s new mega-studio will also result in a new formula for Sino-Hollywood collaborations that can consistently crack both markets. As these collaborations further accelerate, the very nature of what Chinese cinema is will inevitably be challenged and complicated as the entire industry becomes even more global and inextricably intertwined with Hollywood. With the rise of Wanda, much has been written about how the issue of Chinese film censorship will play as these Hollywood-Chinese collaborations proliferate, however, I don’t foresee any major changes. While most industry players hope for increasing liberalization and the establishment of a healthy rating system, those changes have been slow to come.

27 through Oct. 13, the 51st New York Film Festival will feature the world premieres of Paul Greengrass Captain Phillips, Spike Jonzes Her and Ben Stillers The Secret Life of Water Mitty. By Associated Press, The Hollywood Reporters list of its 10 best stories of the week: WHATS BEHIND THE BRUTAL BLOODBATH OF BROADCAST REALITY EXECS? Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly ABCs John Saade is the third out of four unscripted chiefs out as the network franchises age and desperation sets in for a new Duck Dynasty-size hit. THE INSIDE INTEL ON WANDA GROUPS $8.2 BILLION CHINA STUDIO PLAN Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Harvey Weinstein joined a Hollywood contingent on hand for the unveiling, but one exec warns the Chinese are famous for wildly exaggerating what they are going to do. EMMYS: YES, THAT WAS MICK JAGGER AT ALL THOSE PARTIES The Rolling Stones frontman, about to jump into a TV series with new Emmy-winner Bobby Cannavale, drew stares at fetes thrown by CAA, Jimmy Iovine and HBO. NBCS JOHNNY CARSON MINISERIES HINGES ON FAMILYS BLESSING Fresh from controversy around the Hillary Clinton miniseries, now on hold, NBC Entertainment chair Bob Greenblatt promises: Were not going to do this without the family. SEE JON HAMMS AND AMY POEHLERS HILARIOUS INVITE FOR THEIR LOSERS-ONLY EMMY PARTY (PHOTO) Winners like Tina Fey and Ty Burrell were allowed in, but only with a charitable donation Jimmy Kimmel, Elisabeth Moss, David Spade, Fred Armisen and January Jones. INSIDE THE INTENSE CAPTAIN PHILLIPS SHOOT: TOM HANKS MENTAL STRESS, HIS CO-STARS HORRIFIC BACKSTORY AND A SCARY FIRST DAY ON SET Sonys true story about pirates wasnt without its own drama as nine weeks on an actual container ship amid fighting, hostility and seasickness took its toll; says Hanks of playing the real-life hero, (Theres) the anger that goes along with it and the desperation. . Youve got to start at 60 miles an hour. Plus: Why did director Paul Greengrass keep his Somalian actors away from his star? ALEC BALDWIN ON HIS NEW MSNBC TALK SHOW: AS LONG AS ITS NOT INDECENT, WE CAN SAY ANYTHING (Q&A) The famously touchy actor reveals why he landed on the cable channel instead of NBC, what network chief Phil Griffith has said about Twitter, and the profile of his dream guests: I want controversial people. ROBERT DE NIRO REPLACING JAMES GANDOLFINI IN HBOS CRIMINAL JUSTICE MINI The late Sopranos star will remain an executive producer posthumously after first developing the project as a series and starring vehicle. BREAKING BADS VINCE GILLIGAN NABS CBS DRAMA SERIES ORDER House creator David Shore is attached to showrun the drama, which CBS initially developed with Gilligan back in 2002. SHIELD COMICS CREATOR JIM STERANKO ON ABCS AGENTS SHOW: NO MENACE, NO TENSION In his THR debut, the comics veteran says the ABC series sorely missed the attitude of Samuel L. Jackson, asking Who in hell am I supposed to root for? Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.